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Ascension of the Lord - May 28, 2017

Mass Schedule

Saturday Vigil Mass:
5:00pm in English.

English Sunday Masses:
8:30am and 10:30am.

Misas Dominicales en Español:
12:30pm y 6:00pm..

Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Saturdays, 4:00pm to 5:00pm. (Sundays, half hour before each Sunday Mass.)

Daily Mass:
Monday-Saturday 8:30am in English Only.

Holy Day Masses: Vigil Mass:
7:00pm in English
8:30am and 11:45am in English / 7:00pm en Español.
Unless otherwise noted in the bulletin/ A menos que se indique otra hora en el boletin.

To My Parishioners of St. Martha

It is with a heavy heart that I write this farewell letter to all of you. Last Sunday, you held a farewell celebration in which very many of you attended. We all shed tears and laughed upon hearing many stories of my work done here at St. Martha and how things I did or said in the homilies touched you. As I was listening to the various groups including members of the Welcome Ministry, the Emmaus groups, the Youth Ministries of Edge and Lifeteen, Ministry to the Sick, the Parish Leadership Team, the Prayer Group, the Finance Council, the Marian Prayer Group, the teachers and children of CCD, and RCIA among others, I did not realize how in five years, the Lord used me in such small ways by simply doing ordinary things like any normal priest! I blessed the Lord that both the young and the old were touched and blessed by the various ministries that I helped start. Over the years, we brought together the parish to financial health and solvency. We ALWAYS met our ABCD goal and we improved the grounds and buildings of St. Martha. The sick were visited in homes and hospitals and together, we improved our music program allowing the contemporary music to touch your hearts. We started some devotions like Divine Mercy and home Enthronements and Consecrations. The Parish Leadership team came with the Mission statement and brand, “Forming disciples to be light of the world.” We also transformed our youth and CCD programs to allow our children to come closer to Jesus Christ by bringing spirituality to the programs. The children are the present and future hope of the Church! I thank my Staff for their great work and for their support and I will miss them dearly. There are many other things to mention but there is little space in this bulletin! I praise and thank God for all of you in collaborating to make St. Martha an amazing parish! All I ask is that you support the new Parish Administrator, Fr. Lazarus Govin as he will be walking the same shores I walked. I am here to support him as well.

Many of you, including individuals and families and I don’t want to name them because there are too many and I will leave someone out inadvertently have touched my priesthood and my life as you supported me during some dark times and joyful times. Some of you are now called my friends because of the love demonstrated during those dark moments. I cannot thank you all enough for your graciousness and love shown throughout my five year tenure! Thank you too for supporting my mother Beatriz, who will continue to be a parishioner although she promised to visit me once a month up in San Isidro! The Lord is calling me now to pastor other sheep in the very large parish named San Isidro and who need guidance, healing, and strengthening. While not desiring to leave St. Martha, I am obliged to be obedient to the call of Jesus. I will need your prayerful support. You will all be remembered in my lifetime as the parish where I first learned how to Pastor.

May the words of St. Paul resound in our hearts:

“I give thanks to my God at every remembrance of you… because of your partnership for the gospel from the first day until now. I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work in you will continue to complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. It is right that I should think this way about all of you, because I hold you in my heart, you are all partners with me in grace…” Philippians 1:3-7a

With Love in Jesus Christ,
Father Wilfredo Contreras

Family Fun Day

Saturday, June 3rd at 4:10pm

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Renovación Carismática Católica

La Renovación Carismática Católica celebra 50 años de estar “Caminando con Jesús, en el Poder del Espíritu Santo”.

La Arquidiócesis de Miami celebrará la Conferencia Carismática #XXXIII, el 10 y 11 de Junio en Double Tree Hotel.

Será una Conferencia extraordinaria de JUBILEO y de grandes bendiciones. Boletos: grupo de oración o 305 891-9161, 305- 631-1007 ó 786-553-4121. $30.00 preventa, $40.00 en la puerta.

Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary

The Great Vigil on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart and the feast of the Immaculate Heart.
  • Friday, June 23rd at 8:00pm
    Holy Mass for the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart.
  • Saturday, June 24th at 6:00am
    Holy Mass in honor of the Immaculate Heart.

St John Maria Vianney Seminary,
St. Raphael Chapel,
2900 SW 87 Ave Miami FL 33165.


Pilgrimage to the Holy Land - November 8 - 16, 2017

Daily Mass - Tel Aviv - Jaffa - Caesarea - Acre - Nazareth - Cana - Tiberius - Sea of Galilee - Tabgha - Capernaum - Mount Tabor - Bethlehem - Jerusalem – Church of the Holy Sepulcher - Western Wall – Dead Sea - Bethany - 4 Star Accommodations - 15 Meals - Roundtrip Airfare from MIA - Hometown Pickup to and from the Airport - Airport to Hotel Transfers - Complimentary Luggage Handling.

Please call the office, 305-751-0005.

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Gift Shop

Please visit our Gift Shop; currently open after the 10:30am and 12:30pm Sunday masses. We have books, candles, statues, holy cards rosaries and other sacramentals. Try out our delicious “empanadas,” “pastelitos,” doughnuts and coffee.

Support the Catholic Communication Campaign

Connect with Christ

Today, we are taking up the collection for the Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC). Your support helps the CCC connect people to Christ, here and around the world, through the internet, television, radio, and print media. Half of the funds we collect remains in our diocese to support local efforts. Be a part of this campaign to spread the gospel message and support the collection today!

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Men of Galilee

Men of Galilee, why gaze in wonder at the heavens?
This Jesus whom you saw ascending into heaven will return as you saw him go, alleluia. (Acts 1:11)

Today we hear a commandment and a reassurance from the ascending Christ: “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations,” and “I am with you always.” We cannot do the first without the second. In ascending to heaven, it becomes possible for Jesus Christ to be with the Church always and everywhere, rather than in just one place and time. May our prayer today be one of thanksgiving for this wonderful gift of his presence.

Ascension of the Lord

Today we celebrate the ascension of Jesus into heaven, his departure after the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, and all the appearances to the disciples. Acts and Ephesians look back at the time just before Jesus leaves and then at its immediate aftermath, still trying to understand what has happened and what is expected of those who were left behind. The readings remind us that the disciples are still not certain what all this means to them. But one thing is certain: Jesus is gone and they are struggling with what to do next. Matthew tells us that even as they believed in Jesus, they doubted. Jesus responds to their doubt with a call to work. He tells them to "make disciples of all nations."

Up, Up and Away

The reading from Acts gives us a pretty complete description of the Ascension. Jesus was lifted up and taken from their sight but not before the disciples ask lots of questions about what will happen. The disciples are still thinking that the kingdom of Israel will be restored. Jesus answers them with a promise of power from the Holy Spirit and a commission that they be witnesses not just to Israel but to the ends of the earth. But the disciples are still thinking small. Jesus knows that the meaning of his death and resurrection is not small. Ephesians offers a glimpse of the great gifts of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. The disciples cannot even imagine what this means for them as they stand staring into the sky. Jesus tells them one more time that their work is to tell everyone about his life and work, to baptize them, and to teach them his commandments.

Never Can Say Good-Bye

The disciples still thought this was just about their life and their world. They are reminded by Jesus that what they have lived through with him, his life, death, and resurrection, is greater and more farreaching than they can yet imagine. This is not just about the kingdom of Israel. This is about all nations. This is not just about witnessing in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria. This work will take them to the ends of the earth. It is an enormous undertaking that we and the disciples have been given. It seemed impossible to the disciples then and it seems impossible to us now. But it is not. It is possible because we are not alone in this work. Jesus is with us not for a day or a week or even our lifetime. Jesus is with us always, until the end of the age.

Share the Hope

The readings for today's celebration of the Ascension of the Lord once again remind us that as Christians we are people of hope. In the second reading Saint Paul eloquently exhorts the Ephesians to enlighten their hearts so that they will know the hope and glory that come from being people who place their trust in the Lord Jesus.

In the story of the Ascension, recounted in the first reading, the Lord Jesus assures the disciples that the Holy Spirit's power will come upon them. Finally, in the Gospel, the Lord lets the disciples know that their mission is to spread the hope of the gospel to all the nations. This wonderful feast keeps our eyes focused on the hope in which we were grounded on the day of our baptism.

V Encuentro

Invitamos a toda la comunidad hispana para participar en el V Encuentro, que consta de 5 sesiones, concluyendo con una celebración parroquial en junio. Su meta es responder mejor a la presencia de todos los latinos de nuestra parroquia para conocer sus necesidades. Uno de los objetivos es lograr ser auténticos evangelizadores del amor de Dios.

Si estas interesado en participar en los grupos del V Encuentro, llama a Patty y Roberto al 305-937-2273.

Anímate para ser un discípulo de Cristo y responder al llamado de Dios.

Para mayor información acerca del V Encuentro consulta la página de la Internet:

Do you suffer from Celiac Disease?

Please let an ushers or the celebrating priest know of your need just BEFORE mass and at Communion time, please go to the Priest line and let him know that you wish a gluten free Host.


For teens in 9th -12th grades. Come on Fridays at 7pm for free food, making new friends, singing awesome songs and learning more about Jesus and the Church. Invite your friends.

Carmen Lambert 305-970-4128 /

Ministerio Parroquial Para Matrimonios

Cada otro Lunes 7:00 - 9:00pm
Salón Parroquial B-C

786-444-8688 | 786-287-3883

“Familia qwue reza unida permanece unida”

The Parish Mission of St. Martha Church

We, the Roman Catholic Parish of St Martha, are a diverse and multicultural parish in Miami Shores, Florida. As a vibrant Catholic community of faith, we seek to become closer to God through worship, prayer, sacraments, spiritual formation, fellowship and hospitality

Strengthened by the Holy Spirit, we go forth proclaiming the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ in order to make disciples and serve our brothers and sisters with our time, talents and treasure. Through our evangelization in word and deed, we strive to be the light of the world.

Planned Giving

Payments guaranteed for life! That is what you receive by making a gift in exchange for a Charitable Gift Annuity. You receive guaranteed payments for the rest of your life, no matter how long you live or what future interest rates may be. Your gift gives twice: first to you with fixed payments and a tax deduction and second to St. Martha when you are born to eternal life.

Contact the rectory or the Office of Planned Giving at 305-762-1110 or

One of the Works of Mercy

One of the Works of Mercy is to pray for the living and the dead. The Sacrifice of the Mass is the best and most beneficial prayer; remember your living and deceased loved ones by offering masses on their behalf.

Call the office, 305-751-0005, by 3:00pm on Mondays to include your Mass request for the following week. Suggested donation $10.00.

Elijah Vocation Cup

Will you commit to a week of prayer for vocations?

Please sign up at the Information Table. Thank you for your participation in this important ministry!

Edge Catholic Middle School Youth Ministry!

For middle schoolers.

When: Fridays

Where: Parish Hall

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Shafik Palis -

ABCD: Give and You Shall Receive

...Jesus keeps knocking on your door in the faces of our brothers and sisters, in the faces of our neighbors, in the faces of those at our side” - Pope Francis

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