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Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - July 12, 2020

Friday, July 10, 2020

Friday, July 10, 2020

July 12, 2020

Archdiocese of Miami - Office of the Archbishop

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
This weekend I encourage you to participate in the annual Black and Indian Mission Collection. This Collection has for the last 137 years, changed the landscape of evangelization and education efforts for Native Americans, Alaskan Americans and African Americans throughout the United States. Our financial support of the Collection is the mechanism that affects the Church’s evangelization efforts.

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Friday, July 10, 2020

Each day we are bombarded with thousands of words. From the moment our clock radios click on in the morning, until the last moment of the day when the television is turned off or someone bids us “good -night,” our life is filled with words. Some words that we hear bring news that leaves us feeling low. Some words lift our spirits. Many of the words we hear are trying to get us to buy something. Some words are hurtful. Today the Church focuses our attention on hearing the word of God.

Are God’s words just more of the same part of the endless stream of words that flow into our ears each day?
The challenge today is to allow God’s word to inspire us in new ways so that our outlook and attitudes align themselves more closely with the heart and mind of Christ Jesus.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

SAINT KATERI TEKAKWITHA (1656-1680) July 14th

Though the New York State Thruway runs close by the North American Martyrs’ Shrine, traffic’s roar never pierces the peace enveloping Auriesville Ossernon to Native Americans in the lovely Mohawk Valley, where Kateri Tekakwitha was born barely ten years after the martyrdom of Isaac Jogues and his Jesuit and lay companions. Daughter of a Christian Algonquin mother and non-Christian Mohawk chief, Kateri’s parents died in a smallpox epidemic widely blamed on the missionaries. Moreover, many Native Americans had experienced exploitation at the hands of “Christian” traders and trappers, further discrediting the faith Kateri embraced in baptism, then pledged to live even more intensely in vowed virginity. Misunderstanding led to harassment, prompting her move to a Christian village farther north along the Saint Lawrence River. Despite this, Kateri’s faith remained undaunted, her selfless charity undiminished. Both before and after her death at twenty-four, this young “Lily of the Mohawks” drew countless converts to Christ by the fragrance of her goodness.

Through us, does “the aroma of Christ” (2 Corinthians 2:15), attract others to the beauty of his gospel?

Friday, July 10, 2020

Friday, March 13, 2020

“Charity isn’t about pity- it is about love.” – Mother Teresa

Show love to those most in need by making a gift today.

In our quickly changing world and society, now more than ever, we need to make sure we’re providing future generations with the tools they need to grow and practice their Catholic faith.

For more information, contact the Office of Planned Giving today! (305) 762-1112.

” The seed sown among thorns is the one who hears the word, but then worldly anxiety and the lure of riches choke the word and it bears no fruit. But the seed sown on rich soil is the one who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and yields a hundred or sixty or thirtyfold” (Matthew 13:22-23)

  • Are we so caught up in our worldly activities that we have no time for God?
  • Does the lure of riches and materialism choke God out of our lives?
  • Do we put into practice what we learn on Sunday in our everyday lives?

Stewardship is a lifestyle to be lived every day. It affects all decisions that we make, it builds a solid base of fertile soil so we, too, can bear fruit and grow.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Your gift helps to fulfill the mission of reaching Miami Shores for Jesus Christ. In thanksgiving for God’s gift, please budget a generous weekly offering in proportion to your household income.

Su ofrenda nos ayuda a cumplir la misión de traer el mensaje de Jesús a Miami Shores. En acción de gracias, incluya una ofrenda generosa en su presupuesto semanal de acuerdo a sus ingresos.

July 4th & July 5th, 2020

  • 5:00pm $ 307.00
  • 8:30am $ 451.00
  • 10:30am $ 755.00
  • 12:30pm $ 483.00
  • Total $ 1,996.00

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Life can seem overwhelming. Get help from counseling with a Catholic perspective.

Don’t suffer any longer. Catholic Charities offers affordable confidential counseling to help you cope with life challenges:

  • Child/adolescent counseling
  • Marriage/couples
  • Grief, sickness or major life changes
  • Financial, employment difficulties
  • Depression, trauma or abuse
  • Anxiety, stress management, etc

Sessions are affordable and available in Dade and Broward Counties.

Call us for an appointment of phone consultation

Miami Shores Office (954) 649-7785

Friday, July 10, 2020

SAINT SHARBEL MAKHLŪF (1828-1898) July 24th

The convenience store owner chatted animatedly in Arabic with coworkers, but hardly at all with his American clientele. So soon after 9/11, he probably figured, with my accent, the less said, the better. That changed when an American customer recognized Saint Sharbel’s portrait on the wall: “So you’re Lebanese Maronites!” The owner was happily incredulous: “You know our saint?” “Not at first,” the customer admitted. “But we help the Catholic Near East Welfare Association, and their magazine published that picture and called Sharbel the ‘Paradoxical Artisan of Peace.’ ” “Everyone thinks we’re Muslims,” said the owner, “and some of my workers are. Saint Sharbel helps us live together in peace!” A hermit for twentythree years, little is known of Sharbel’s life. He died after suffering a stroke while celebrating the liturgy. Miracles attributed to his intercession number in the thousands, and in war-torn Lebanon, Catholics, Orthodox, and Muslims pray together where his incorrupt body is entombed. How lovely if after our passing, we too could be remembered for having brought very different people to the one God, together in peace.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

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