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Religious Education Program 2016-2017

Is the registration open?

The registration for the Religious Education Classes for the year 2017-2018 is open now until October 31st, 2017. After that date, come to the office to evaluate your options.

What is the deadline for registration for the year 2017-2018?

The deadline is October 31st, 2017.

If I am new to the Religious Education Program, do I have to register my son or daughter for this year 2017-2018?

Yes. You need to complete the registration form, bring the certificates, and pay tuition and fee.

If my children/teen attended classes last year 2016- 2017, do I have to register my son or daughter again for this year 2017-2018?

Yes. Parents must register and pay the tuition each year.

What supplies should students bring to class?

What is the schedule of classes?

Time Activity Location Observations
8:15 am to 8:30 am  Drop-off  Parish Hall See Policies for drop-off and pick-up children and teens
8:30 am to 900 am Pray the Rosary as a family (children, parents, and teachers) / Gospel explanation for Children Mass Parish Hall Parents are invited to stay with their children/ teens to pray the Rosary and/or listen to the gospel explanation.
9:00 am to 10:00 am Religious Education classes Each classroom Children/ teens go to their classroom with their catechists
10:00 am Children/ Teens pick-up at Parish Hall Parish Hall See Policies for drop-off and pick-up children and teens Children and Teens Do Not Have Permission to Walk Alone to the Church or Outside the Parish Hall.


Pick-up time 10:00 am punctual

Early Dismissals

Attendance and Tardiness Policies

When your child is absent from class, please notify the Religious Education Office via e-mail with the date and reason for the absence. If possible, send any document to justify the absence.

Make-up Work

If illness or a family emergency prevents a child from attending class, parents must contact his/her teacher for instructions or homework. A student who misses a class must complete and turn in all missed classwork and assignments within two weeks of returning to class.

General Expectations for parents

Our expectation is that each family becomes actively involved in the Religious Education Program in order to model a living, conscious and active Christian faith and to reinforce the values and attitudes for living that faith. The parents and their children also agree to act in accordance with these values and attitudes.

Mass Attendance Expectations

You are expected to regularly attend Holy Mass with your children and family on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. Mass is an integral part of your child's faith formation. Therefore, missing Mass is very serious. )

Mass Attendance Book Required

We use a Mass Attendance Log to register mass attendance.