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Religious Education Program 2016-2017

Sponsor/ Godparents Expectations

Submit the Sponsors/Godparents form for Confirmation or Baptism preparation.

Sponsor Role and Responsibilities

As a Sponsor, you have the honor of being chosen as a witness to the confirmandi's initiation into the full Christian life. Through this sacrament, the confirmandi is strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit, made a true witness of Christ in word and deed, and invited more deeply into the life of the Church. Your most significant role about him/her is to be a role model of such witness and unifying love.

Who can be a Sponsor?

The responsibility of a Sponsor is to help the person who is going to receive Confirmation to lead a good Catholic life. The Sponsor promise to be an example in their life and lead a Christian life that reflects the spirit and teachings of our Catholic Religion.

Who cannot be a Sponsor? Church’s Canon Law

Godparent/ Sponsor Eligibility Letter (ONLY FOR BAPTISM OR CONFIRMATION)

All Confirmation students must choose a sponsor. A sponsor may be any relative or the responsible adult other than a parent or guardian. A sponsor must be a Confirmed Catholic in good standing with the Church. All sponsors must obtain a Sponsor Certificate from his/her church.

Godparent/Sponsor Eligibility Statement:

Baptism is a sacrament of initiation that brings a person into union with Christ as a member of the Catholic Church. Confirmation is also a sacrament of initiation that strengthens and perfects our union with Christ and His Church. A Godparent represents the Catholic Church at Baptism, and a Sponsor represents the Catholic Church at Confirmation. Both serve as role models by living a fully Christian life.