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Saint Martha

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This Week

First Sunday of Advent - December 10, 2017

Mass Schedule

Saturday Vigil Mass:
5:00pm in English.

English Sunday Masses:
8:30am and 10:30am.

Misas Dominicales en Español:

Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Saturdays, 4:00pm to 5:00pm.

Daily Mass:
Monday-Saturday 8:30am in English.

Holy Day Masses:
8:30am and 11:45am in English / 7:00pm en Español.
Unless otherwise noted in the bulletin/ A menos que se indique otra hora en el boletin.

The Parish Mission of St. Martha Church

We, the Roman Catholic Parish of St Martha, are a diverse and multicultural parish in Miami Shores, Florida. As a vibrant Catholic community of faith, we seek to become closer to God through worship, prayer, sacraments, spiritual formation, fellowship and hospitality

Strengthened by the Holy Spirit, we go forth proclaiming the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ in order to make disciples and serve our brothers and sisters with our time, talents and treasure. Through our evangelization in word and deed, we strive to be the light of the world.

Christmas Schedule

Christmas Eve - December 24th
  • 5:00pm (Spanish)
  • 10:00pm (Bilingual)
Christmas Day - December 25th
  • 10:30am (English)
  • 12:30pm (Spanish)
Mary, Mother of God (New Year’s Day) - January 1st
  • 10:30am (Bilingual)


O people of Sion, behold, the Lord will come to save the nations , and the Lord will make the glory of his voice heard in the joy of your heart. (Cf. Is 30: 19, 30 )

Mark’s Gospel begins by introducing us to John the Baptist, who prepared the way to Jesus by calling people to acknowledge their sins and receive a baptism of repentance. Are we prepared to welcome Jesus into the world? To do so properly, we need to acknowledge our sins and receive forgiveness for the wrong we have done. As we celebrate today’s liturgy, let us keep in mind our failings and resolve to keep Jesus in our minds and hearts as we interact with others.

News of Comfort

In a time of preparation, much of it having to do with material things, it is good to hear the words of Isaiah, "Comfort, give comfort to my people, / says your God" (Isaiah 40:1).

In a time of such stress and rush, when our usual burdens are augmented by piles of Christmas preparations, we can choose to slow down, take some time to heal, and appreciate the enormous gift we are about to receive.

Christ, the Son of God, has become one of us, and knows our human limitations. Yet God, even now, is freeing us from the burdens that our inattentiveness to our God and to our deepest inner longings have heaped upon us.

The Lord comes, not as a king with mighty armies, but as a shepherd leading the flocks with care and tenderness. Isaiah prophesies good news: our oppression is over, our sins forgiven. The savior we have awaited is coming, not the first time, but in the end times, as our salvation.

Gift Shop and Book Store

Our gift shop is a special ministry serving our parishioners, visitors and friends to help develop a deeper sense of the Catholic faith, personal religious growth and spirituality. We offer a wide assortment of items which include an extensive selection of statues, bibles, liturgical literature, prayer cards, rosaries, books, candles, crosses/crucifixes, greeting cards and more.

If you have a loved one who is celebrating a Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation or Wedding or for your Christmas gifts, you will find the perfect gift here.

Second Sunday of Advent

Reality Check

The spiritual world is real, every bit as real as the material world. We cannot properly "see" spiritual realities like love, wisdom, and goodness, but we know they exist and influence our lives. We may not be able to point out hatred or sin on a map, but each one of us has encountered those destructive powers. Today's readings testify to a fact we often overlook: sin is real. Sin changes our hearts and has real consequences for our relationships with others.

For followers of Christ, acknowledging the reality of sin is not at all depressing. We naturally grow frustrated with ourselves when we sin, but Jesus has a different reaction. In his astonishing mercy, the Lord sees our sin as an occasion to show just how much he loves us--and how he loves us. Jesus Christ takes our own sin upon himself and accepts the punishment--death--that should righƞully come to us.

Aim High

In dying for us, Jesus shattered the limitations of human life. Sin had doomed our earthly existence, but then Jesus died for us and gave us an all-access pass to everlasting life. Saint Peter speaks gently to us about Jesus' gift. Jesus is patient with us, Peter assures us, "not wishing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance." Knowing that Jesus opened heaven to us, we can aim high each day, striving to avoid sin and do good.

Not even the sky is our limit! Peter encourages us further. We are not frightened to hear "the heavens will pass away with a mighty roar and the elements will be dissolved by fire," because we are not trapped in the material realm. The salvation of God is real and unifying. We hope one day to live-- body and soul--in the "new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells." This is the Lord's plan for us, a plan of deep and lasting peace.

High School Teens, join the St. Martha Youth Group!

Meet new friends and get closer to Christ.

We meet on Friday evenings at 7:00pm in rooms B & C of the Parish Center.

Food is provided.


Visit for access to Catholic content. Parish access code: TGFMWR

Time Talent Treasure

““…whatever you did for one of the least of my brothers, you did for me” - MATTHEW 25:40

Most of us are generous when it’s convenient for us. We are generous when we have the time or the money. But, generosity is the opposite of that. It means giving of one’s time, money, compassion, forgiveness or mercy at a time that is not convenient to us; it is when that other person needs it.

Planned Giving

As Christian stewards, we share the responsibility of making our church a true community of faith and a vibrant source of service to the larger community. That includes providing financial support for today’s needs as well as building a firm financial foundation for tomorrow. Planned giving provides an opportunity to continue the support of our faith even after our journey on earth has ended.

Contact the Planned Giving Office at (305) 762-1110 or

Gift Shop

Visit the Gift Shop after mass to see the wonderful selection of cards, statues, wreaths, candles, missal, Advent supplies and Christmas gifts.

ABCD: Give and You Shall Receive

...Jesus keeps knocking on your door in the faces of our brothers and sisters, in the faces of our neighbors, in the faces of those at our side” - Pope Francis

Goal: $139,500
Pledged: $143,000
Pledge Over: $3,500
Cash Received: $112,200
Cash shortage: $27,300

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Annual Giving Statements

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Volunteers Opportunities

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Teens Youth Ministry

Fridays during school year. 7-9pm in Parish Hall. Free food, making new friends, singing awesome songs and learning more about Jesus and his Church. Invite your friends.

Carmen Lambert:

Middle School Youth Ministry!
For middle schoolers.

Fridays during school year. 7-9pm in Parish Hall. Contact Shafik Palis -

December 2nd - 3rd
5:00pm $ 654.00
8:30am $ 1,867.00
10:30am $ 1,028.00
12:30pm $ 1,527.00
Total $ 5,845.00
Your gift helps to fulfill the mission of reaching Miami Shores for Jesus Christ. In thanksgiving for God’s gift, please budget a generous weekly offering in proportion to your household income.
Elijah Vocation Cup

Will you commit to a week of prayer for vocations?
Please sign up at the Information Table. Thank you for your participation in this important ministry!